Christine Marie

My name is Christine. I'm a twenty two year old college student. I'm majoring in psychology at a university. I live in southern California and I absolutely love it here. I'm a complete girly girl but also love a lot of dark stuff. I love getting messages so feel free to ask away!
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likes: friends, makeup, shopping, pretty little liars, tanning, pink, tattoos, weed, moscato, autumn, pumpkin shocktop, lana del rey, horrot movies, marina and the diamonds, gore, coffee, psychology, school, parkway drive, workaholics, the beach, reading, disneyland, my boyfriend.
dislikes: bitches, slow drivers, being bored, being lonely, depression, dumb people, bros, hangovers, not being good enough, anxiety, cleaning, gaining weight.


Q: will you check out my blog?
A: of course I will.
Q: Will you follow back?
A: If I like your blog
Q: Who made your banner?
A: This beautiful girl.
Q: How many followers do you have?
A: Don't worry about it.
Q: Why did you unfollow me?
A: I guess I didn't want to follow you anymore.
Q: Will you post nudes?
A: Never.
Q: Is that you in your sidebar pic?
A: Yes.


Insane - Flume

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